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What we could like to capture in a fashion aspect

With our photographic series and short fashion film, we would like to take you back in surreal pre historic times.

Capturing the tale of mysterious creatures living on earth. Pure in their emotions and expressions. Where does fashion have it roots?

Following them on a journey of identity and self expression.
Fashion as a tool to bond, it makes us belong, it makes us stand out and differ.

We start a jurney of emotions, expressoin, fabric and movement.


Photography, Concept & Art direction - Summa Cilem

Designers: Sandermann, Tihana Minska, Michael Schneider

Music composer: Nic piers

Stylist: Clara Schwarz 

HM: Nina Gesell, Michelle Mosler 

Model: Siri Elmqvist - Esselle agency, Lena Kilchitskaya