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Capturing the tale of mysterious creatures living on earth. Pure in their emotions and expressions. Where does fashion have it roots?

PAP Magazine

August 019

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Model: Siri & Lena

Stylist: ogbi

Music by Nic Pierce

H&M: Michelle Mosler & Nina Gesell




About the designer collaboration


SANDERMANN is a womenswear label based on a sustainable concept, using up-cycled waste materials and other ethical approaches to textile and fashion design. Her main focus lies on solid waste management both in regards to using waste materials as well as on creating as little waste ourselves as possible when producing. 


TIHANA MINSKA. The fashion designer produces small series and unique models of fashion wear, as well as exploring experimental fashion and textile techniques. She gets inspired by folk costumes, dolls and history. 


MICHAEL SCHNEIDER inspired by emotions and society 

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