Kamera Jakob Grasboeck

Dancer Patrizia Bieri

Fashion Designs by Rebecca Carrington

Music by Shad Shadows

Stylist Aaisha Abdelhady

H&M Nadja Jeberien 

Set Design Construction 

Steven Lee

Sebastian Herrmann

Nic Piers

Michelle Mosler 

A woman trapped in the house of emotions, unable to free herself from them, frozen in her past, she is stuck. Old fabrics, loose garments, she is alone in her visions, in her memories. Let‘s go back to the melancholy of the emotions to the touch of humanity. The return of the abandoned, the elegance of the past. Drifted away from consumer society,  Miss Morphos -- a metaphor for the soul of art.




The collection is based on the theme of supernatural beings and Scandinavian myths. We are telling the story of two spirits lost in one of Wagners operas.
The mysterious nature, the hidden and secret elements of the underworld.
Elements of nature: earth, fire, air and water.