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editorial and art film
shoot for spec - portfolio building

vibe melancolic dreamy nostalgic 

Short Story

short story of a ghosty reflection of an heartbroken woman who walks through the wide halls like a ghostlike creature. Nostalgic smoking cigarettes and listening to old dusty sounds of an old record player. Telephone rings but she does not pick up, the answering machine in the background monologue. Dancing to the sound of the upbeat warm sound, jumping on the bed.  

Short story super 8 SCRIPT


Cool light breaks through the large windows onto the stuccoed walls, bathing the hall in a warm dusty retro yellow color. Unpleasant silence. Only her cigarette burning. The bluish smoke from her cigarette rises. Her skin shimmers brightly against the light, pale, colorless as if the blood had left her body. Her blonde hair is in big curlers. Her shapely, feminine figure stands out under the light silk dressing gown.

Melancholy, she directs her gaze out the window and takes another drag on the cigarette. A dull ringing breaks the silence. Cigarette out. Then a click. The answering machine turns on. "Thank you very much for calling xx Please hold the line. We will connect you shortly!Music on hold” Her bare feet begin to move. (Slight wisps of steam from the room next door obscure her silhouette as she quickly strips off her dressing gown and lets it slide to the floor.)


Bathtub scene, another cigarette, Do u sometimes come home and feel like u have to _cleanse ur memory / washing of your sins 

 Mirrors her reflection in the silver shower handle - 

Backflip to past - reflection in knife - paintes her lips with a red lipstick on the sofa.


Monolog on film 

Can u destroy a monster without becoming one urself, 

Camera move backwards



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