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Growing up in my grandparents old house as a child I was always fascinated by the beauty of elegance and secrets that might have been captured in paintings. Some month ago I helped them rearranging some old paintings that were hanging on the wall. Unhitching the canvas I discovered another second secret pastel sketch on the back of the my grand grand mothers oil portrait. Showing a nude man in a feminine pose, slightly covering his body with a silken fabric. 

There was where I was wondering, that since Leonardo and Botticelli, we were missing out on beautiful erotic art, drifting in-between gender, showing us that elegance is not a matter of male or female. That sketch on the back of the canvas definitely deserves more attention so we decided to do a conceptional/editorial photoshoot inspired by Bouguereaus romantic work. 

Model, Hair and make-up: Luca
Stylist: Clara Schwarz @ogbie



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