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Summa Cilem

Burlesque Dancer Germany  Burlesque Milano 

Burlesqueshow in Germany in London
Burlesque Milan

let yourself be enchanted

Summa Cilem Profilbild

and god created the woman

Glamorous Summa Cilem is a  performance and burlesque artist based in Berlin Germany, London UK and Milan Italy. Focusing on the art of tease,  female embodiment and  visual enchanting aerial acts. The artist makes us escape to a world of dreams and beauty cheering a woman s secret power.
Summa Cilem brings her audience  back to the times of old Hollywood glamour in the 1940s, diamonds and elegant seduction. 
Burlesque Repertoire 

Book a show

Select a show to make your event special, whether it’s a corporate event, a festival, or an intimate soirée. You can also have a custom show built exclusively for your event. Book your beautiful showgirl performance.

classic tease /Classic Burlesque Jazz 

Summa Cilems Classic Tease is a collection of seductive classic burlesque acts. Burlesque is a cheeky striptease to celebrate femininity. With the classic tease Summa Cilem focus on elegant Jazz focused performances,  inspired by the 1940s Jane Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe. These acts can be performed with a llive band or custom chosen songs if wished. The artist can be booked for cooperate events, champagne receptions, dreamy performances or late night inspired clubs and openings. 

techno tease 


Summa Cilems Techno Treats are especially designed for club performances  and live installations performed next to dance music, techno or electronic music or as a living human installation for galleries.  These acts can happen as a live art installation  or a treat next to the DJ act to empathise a specific vibe and create an audio/visual experience for the dance floor visitor. All of these acts can be custom made with requested and different tracks. For a installation environment the act can be requested to focus only on act two without the striptease. 
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My favorite of all genres is the installation performance. Made for a cooperate event or gallery or even the dance floor, these concepts all come with a deeper message and are created to work as a pure art connecting our senses. I empathise working with lights and audio visual story telling.

Anker 1

about Summa

Glamorous Summa Cilem brings us straight back to the times of old Hollywood glamour and the tease of bump and grind. Coming from a visual arts background Summa was always inspired by learning how to enchant an audience visually, telling a story through sound, light and body movement. Wanting to learn more about stage lights and engaging with an audience Summa Cilem created her very first aerial act in 2018 which ended in her finally doing Burlesque. Next to her burlesque career Summa Cilem runs Scala and Bordell Bizarre. Go on to read more 

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