Summa Cilem

I am a visual content creator, starting from creation to realization I love to get my spirits all in and learn about the process of good storytelling. Capturing l' esprit de le je ne le sais quois is my daily adventure. I mostly worked as a freelance artist of different visual disciplines and performance art. I am always keen to learn from other artists and I have a big passion for the 20s avantgarde surrealism. 

what I know and what I know not yet

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I have curated a little sneak peek of my work below for your interest. For more details click on my main page. Any questions? - just give me a call. 



open portfolio


Press shots for artists in any style, 

commercial photography, studio photography and portrait 

I can work on higher and lower budget on moody or dreamy commercial shoots, I do not specify on product shooting  



digital work

experience and references bellow 

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Vielen Dank!

photo from shanelledemelo


experiences and reference

Studio Work

One production London

production assistant 

Baby Blossom

freelance junior art director

Garbicz festival 

theather stage 

Barcelona manifest destiny art 

gallery exhibition

Netflix France 

PA series Netflix Lupin 


The Works Hong Kong

watch here 

Schweiz Next Top Model


Flanelle, OE Magazine, MMSCENE, flowhouse Magazine, HART Magazine, Pap Magazine, French Fries Magazine, 7 Hues Magazine, Velonte Magazine, IPA Photography awards,  Feroce Magazine,  The Rebel Magazine, Elegant Magazine, Picton Magazine, MOB Magazine, Kaltblut Mag

Film Festivals awards

2020 Silver Award Independent short awards LA Moon Bay - best music video - 2020 experimental dance and music video festival LA creatures -  2019 The great Art Lake Film Fest,  European Film Festival (Mainstream & Underground)
Moscow, ARFF Berlin // International Awards, Bogotá Experimental Film Festival / CineAutopsia, Los Angeles Experimental, Dance & Music Film Festival - Experimental Film Festival Illabra Berlin 

Presshots and music videos:

Shad Shadows, Tutu Amuse, Cody Currie, Anastasia Piamento, Charlie Casanova, Kyongoul Kim, Le Pustra